Thursday, 18 July 2013

Should Nokia get into Android Handsets

It surely is one of the most interesting topic to talk about if Nokia should start making Android Handsets or not. Lately, we observe there a great series of product lineup from Nokia which is their Lumia series. These handsets have great build quality, aggressive pricing, great camera features, etc. 
However the most important USP that they carry around is the OS which is WIndows 8 running butter smooth even with nominal specs on these handsets. Yes it's true that Samsung and HTC too have WP8 devices but we know the amount of focus they have with WP8 merely by factors like Product lineup, Volume of business, Marketing of WP8 devices and the roadmap they have towards this OS.

Also with Android as community, it has a widest OEM support with Tier 1 including Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola, etc. Also huge number of Tier 2 players like Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, etc. Considering this, I really don't think entering into a 'me too' market would be a good move from Nokia.

One of the reasons for OEMs adopting Android is the cost of OS, which is as good as FREE. As we know Google makes money through information which it gathers from the Android devices in our hands, making Analysis and selling this information to different people and organisations. This is not the core way in which Microsfot makes money. 

Rather I believe Nokia should have an exclusive understanding with Microsoft for making only Windows devices and reduce on the OS cost for themselves. Thereby passing on the pricing benefit to end customers and start playing with much bigger volumes. The market dynamics are positive towards WP8 and I feel Nokia can maximise this only with correct moves in this time. 

Please do comment about what you feel towards Nokia making Android devices....

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Next Mobile to Buy for 2013 Q2 - Q3

Hi Friends,
Happy to see so many followers and liking the previous post. Today would want to share my opinion on best mobile device to buy for Q3 2013. I have categorized this on Entry Level, Best Prices vs Performance and last but not the least, Premium Handsets.

Since for my love with various Platforms will be suggesting each one from every platform which has a future.

Entry Level ( Price < INR 12000)
Android: Micromax A115 and Karbon S1 Titanium ( Micromax A116 is also good but will need to stretch budget by INR 2K or so)
Windows Phone 8: Nokia 520

Best Prices vs Performance (INR 13k to 25K)
Android: Nexus 4 (INR 19K from US, 25k in India (Please don't buy anything else)
Windows Phone 8: Nokia 720 and 820

Premium Handsets (INR 30K +)
Android: Samsung S4, HTC One ( But BIG negative for HTC ONE if some repair issues pop up its almost impossible to repair this one)
WP8: Nokia 920 ( If you can wait for Nokia 928 to launch its great)
iOS: iPhone 5

Phablets: Note 2 ( Wait for Note 3 to launch)

Well after 4 years of heavy Android usage with more than 4 different generations of Android i have concluded that Nexus series is the Best Buy ever for Android platform. Save your money and buy devices which have future. As this will also define the resale value for your investments.

Hope you make the most of this...

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The War Begins || Android || IOS || Windows Phone 8 ||

Hey guys, it's great to meet you through this channel. Today I'm going to share my opinion on the real leaders in Mobile Computing. By leaders I mean players who are successful as well players who are going to make it big. Would not talk much about followers as its simple for them and believe only to replicate and not innovate.

When we talk about Mobile Computing, the first device which strikes our mind is the cell phones. Those smart ones which can do most of fancy stuff. Well I have been a smart phone user past more than 8 to 10 years starting from those old windows PDA days. Yeah it's funny to call those phones smart, but guys they did look smart.

I know the era changed when we 1st saw the iPhone and couple of years later followed by matured Android. A lot of players bleeded, with a situation of alarming fall in sales. iOS truly revolutionised the game with App market. Morever the beautiful hardware which is backed by quality engineering and materials had its own target audience. But it came with its own set of disadvantages. A very closed and locked environment which always is excellent only when Apple allows you to do things which they want you to, but terrible the moment we want to do anything additional with this marvellous Hardware in our hands. For example sharing simple images, audio and video clips from one device to another. On the other hand Google came in overcoming the above challenges and asking users to share, share and share as much as they want to. And that too with hardware which can fit in every budget every pocket.

In this war of open source vs proprietary environment, Hardware players who were losing considerably were Nokia and Blackberry. On the software side Microsoft was one of the players got hit pretty well.

However the early adopters to Android like Samsung & HTC did make it big. They did get the leadership points which was then followed by LG, Motorola and then many other tier 2 players. Making android the fastest growing Mobile platform. Samsung really puts in effort to every detail part which goes in their premium Handset. This mainly includes the display.

While all this did happen in front of Microsoft, they knew they had to do something about this. Because increasing computing components is a direct threat to their desktop and laptop business. Moreover with Enterprises being the biggest revenue for Microsoft, they would really not have to try hard penetrating and becoming an extended family to traditional computing.

Just as Android took its time to mature, Win Phone too (7 to 8) has finally come to a level of competing with iOS and Android, which has all the good things to offer. I would say Nokia with Lumia Series and Microsoft are back in game. I don't know what Android phones are up to which need to have Quad core with gigs of RAM to offer a buttery smooth performance and leading to fast draining batteries. iPhone anyways has remained smooth for its personalised hardware from Apple and will always do so. But WP8 is rocking with some mere basic hardware like dual core 1ghz and 512 ram offering a better UI than iOS and Android. Better in terms of looks, intuitive, smoothness and performance.

Something which upsets me a lot is when Apple up sells its Products merely on storage capacities. WP on the other hand just allows users to add as much memory as they want. Android, has its own privacy issues where a user is sharing possibly everything with google without even knowing about it.

I don't expect much from Blackberry, Samsung Tizen or Palm OS. The market has got it's 3 players which will take the Mobile computing to a new generation. Each one of them having their strengths and weaknesses.

2013-14 I predict a huge rise in market share to be gained by windows mobile platform. It would be great to see something new from Samsung and Apple who lately have been failing to innovate from their past 3 generations offering. Microsoft has a task in its hands of getting the apps on its store. With Laptops on Win8, Phones on WP8 and a new category of Touchscreen Laptops/Tablets Windows is surely having and edge to grow business and penetrate deeper. And they will grow even if they make mistakes in this Journey from Sustain to Success.

I leave you all to share your thoughts and comments and will write back soon on whats coming up next which affects our daily lives today, making it part of our history and wanting us to see a new future everyday.